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Dubai, UAE @Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai

⛳ Location: The Address Montgomerie Dubai P.O. Box 36700 Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
⛳ Number of Participants: up to 48  
⛳ Format: Match Play Full handicap.

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It is with great honor to announce the success of the VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022, held from 10th to 15th of January 2022, in the famous Montgomerie Golf Course. The picturesque hills and epic view over the Dubai skylines, never fail to impress the GolfMatchPlay participants, joining the competition from all parts of the world.

GolfMatchPlay, being an international network for golfers, captured the exclusivity by hosting five days of the most awaited match plays of the year in Dubai, and confirmed the exceptional service towards the best golf travel experience for their members.

The official launch of the VII World Amateur Championship in Dubai began on 10 th of January 2022 with the Welcome Breakfast event in Monty’s Terrassa, located within the clubhouse, opening breathtaking views over the golf course. This year 27 participants arrived from 8 different countries to compete in the VII World Amateur Championship in Dubai: India, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Czech Republic, and UAE.

As a great tradition, the welcome speech from the CEO and Founder of gave an official of the Championship, greeting all the participants with the safe arrival and giving the inspirational accent for the following 5 days of competition. The Random Lottery has followed the event, assigning the match play pars to kick-off the VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022. To enhance an even more competitive atmosphere for all participants, the longest drive, nearest to the pin and a hole-in-one prize of $1000 Wild Card were added to contain the exciting game.

On Tuesday, 11th of January 2022, the following match play day (Round 2) hosted 13 winners + 1 lucky loser from Round 1. Where on 12th of January 2022, GolfMatchPlay organized an optional event for all participants and their families & friends to enjoy great Dubai weather and create unforgettable memories on the Boat Party with drinks, great food, and dancing vibes with the DJ onboard. The highlights of the Boat Party were flashy water activities, such as jet skis, flying doughnuts, and famous flying board. Participants had a chance to relax after intensive 2 days of golf and appreciate the best weather in Dubai.

On 13th of January 2022, the Round 3 of VII GMP Championship in Dubai took place with 7 winners + 1 lucky looser from the Round 2, playing the equator matches to determine the semi-finalist of the Championship, followed by the SEMI-FINAL game on 14th of January between 4 players to hold the finalists of the GMP Championship 2022.

The final game took place on 16 th of January between two very competitive members of GolfMatchPlay - Siba Shakib from UAE and Andris Ornins from Latvia. The winner was determined only on the 14th hole, where Andris Ornins managed to take over the game and became the Winner of the VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022.

The outstanding Gala Dinner and the Award Ceremony took place in the Montgomerie Golf Course grand venue on the left side of the clubhouse, opening the spectacular view over the 9 th and 18 th holes. The guests were greeted with the welcome drink and the charming photo shooting, followed by the interviews with the participants and the main ambassadors of the GolfMatchPlay. The official part has started with the speech from the Managing Director of GolfMatchPlay - Liga Jakobsena, relating the success of the event to the Montgomerie Golf Course Management, Girls Power Team and obviously all the participants, who kept the event spirit memorable.

The show program with remarkable magician Helios and his illusion tricks cherished the Gala Dinner, as well as the impressive samba dancing activity from Eve animated the guests to have fun and learn some dancing moves together. The encouraging speech from CEO and Founder, Claes Settergren, has started the official part of the Gala Dinner, expressing the ambitions of GolfMatchPlay towards global development.

“We offer golf-loving members an opportunity to combine their favorite hobby with chances to expand their network, to travel, and to meet interesting people. This Championship is the success we were striving to achieve all these 8 years together with a fantastic team of like-minded golfers and ambassadors around the world”, said Claes Settergren during his speech.

The great appreciation for the outstanding contribution and assistance with GolfMatchPlay development went to three main ambassadors - Maria Dunkel, Mairis Vinsteins, Ashok Galgotia who were awarded with the honorable trophy. During the prize-giving ceremony, the winners of the matches received valuable gifts from GolfMatchPlay, such as logo golf balls, golf caps, and exclusive thermos water bottles.

The main award went to the winner of VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022, Andris Ornins from Latvia: his name on the Main GolfMatchPlay Championship Trophy, and $1000 Wild Card for the next Championship complimented with the bottle of Champagne to laud the success! 

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