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Dubai, UAE

⛳ Location: The Address Montgomerie Dubai P.O. Box 36700 Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
⛳ Number of Participants: up to 48  
⛳ Format: Match Play Full handicap.

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GolfMatchPlay are thrilled to announce that the VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022 will be held on January 10th-15th 2022 at the Address Montgomerie Dubai. 

Play matches, register results on, get into TOP 48 Golfers of the Main Leaderboard and you will be invited to take part in the main Championship of the year in sunny and luxurious Dubai, one of the world's most-wanted and attractive travel and business destinations. 

TOP 48 Golfers from the Main Leaderboard get sponsor gifts and financial contributions from GolfMatchPlay and Sponsors that are meant to benefit golfers participation at the tournament of the year. 


1.By challenging other golfers for MATCH PLAY ROUNDS; registers results of the matches on and thus climbs up by the mail Leaderboard in accordance with gathered points for played matches.

2. A Golfer takes part at one of the promotional GolfMatchPlay MATCH DAYS around the world, becomes its Winner and gets a $500 Wild Card (to cover Travel&Accommodation expenses) to the Annual Dubai Championship;

3. A Golfer wins a PRIVATE MATCH PLAY LADDER, an internal Championship, run and organized by the GolfMatchPlay Members individually, but with the support of the GolfMatchPlay. The PRIVATE MATCH PLAY LADDERS Winner gets a Wild Card to Dubai Championship with $1000 or $500 contribution to cover Travel&Accommodation expenses.

NOTE: Qualification to the VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022 is open until November 30th 2021. Matches and scores registered after this date will not be considered for the Championship’s qualification. We invite all GMP Members to actively play during the season 2021, and hope to see all in Dubai at the Championship 2022 - “CHALLENGE ONLINE, PLAY IN REAL”

❗By attending the event, you agree that you will be photographed and the photos can be used on GolfMatchPlay social networks and on the website.

For more information and cooperation matters, contact us by:


📞 +371 2922 10 35