A Golf Lovers’ and Networkers’ Dream: Score4Life Re­launches Popular GolfMatchPlay Web Site

Site offers avid golfers new opportunities to combine favorite hobby with travel, socializing, networking, and dating

London, United Kingdom (MMD Newswire) July xx, 2015 – What if avid golfers could merge their favorite activity with traveling, business networking, socializing with high­quality, like­minded people… or even dating? Score4Life has launched a new cluster of web sites designed to provide all of these opportunities, beginning with, the latest incarnation of the Golf Players Club that was enormously popular in the early 2000s. allows users to sign up for free, challenge other golfers all over the world to a match, register their results, earn points, receive a wide range of sponsor gifts, and even qualify for a championship. Though only launched in May 2015, the site has already recruited 540 golfers from 26 countries, and the number is expected to grow significantly as more golf and travel enthusiasts learn about it.

“ offers golf­loving members an opportunity to combine their favorite hobby with chances to expand their network, to travel, and to meet interesting people,” says founder and CEO Claes Settergren. “With you can play when you want, where you want, and against whom you want, and you can earn loads of benefits.” You might even end up with a free trip to Dubai for one of the big championship matches next year.

The purpose for offering this unique and all­inclusive service, Settergren explains, is to allow members not only to compete in golf matches but also to travel the world and engage in both business and personal networking – promoting their products or their company or even themselves – in a healthy and welcoming environment.

GolfMatchPlay was a logical choice for serial entrepreneur Settergren, who has operated profitable Internet enterprises since 1996. By the year 2000, GolfMatchPlay’s precursor Golf Players Club was one of the largest match play golf clubs on the Internet, with 6,500 members and 20,000 matches played. Internet World Magazine awarded the site 10 out of 10 possible points, the highest rating that year. “We had successful championships in Marbella, Lisbon, Dominican Republic and Florida,” says Settergren. “National teams in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland played against each other. We had lots of fun.”

The financial crises that broke out a few years ago put a damper on some of Settergren’s ventures so he decided to close the golf site and focus on his main financial business. “But ever since then, I’ve received requests from numerous golfers to restart the service. So we’re doing it now with under the umbrella of,” Settergren explains, referring to his “tasteful and stylish” dating site that currently has more than 5,000 members.

Both sites are part of Settergren’s company Score4Life Limited (, which is on a mission “to develop an International Lifestyle concept on the Internet that is designed to help bring harmony and balance to people’s ‘real’ lives.” Says Settergren, “Our aim is to provide opportunities for companionship, adventure, business connections, sport, culture and entertainment.”

The entire operation is very values­driven and based on honesty, openness, respectfulness and kindness. Settergren prides himself on the fact that this concept was primarily developed by women, emphasizing their interests, values and perspectives. Hence the “Girls’ Power Team” concept, referencing the fact that Settergren’s operations are managed primarily by women consultants from all over the world.

Settergren has big plans for and stresses that the sponsorship program is a crucial aspect of the enterprise. “We award sponsor gifts to our golfers when they reach certain scores on our Leader Board. So we are inviting companies to offer sponsor gifts, and in return they will get free advertisements on our web site.” The old Golf Players Club site attracted sponsors such as Callaway, Lexus, high­end clothing and wine companies, and travel agencies, and Settergren anticipates that the new site will attract a similar caliber of sponsors. He says, “We welcome sponsors to join in the effort to bring even more value to this high­value international golf club.”

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