GolfMatchPlay Rules

  • GolfMatchPlay is an Internet service.
  • GolfMatchPlay requires that members have functional e-mail and that they regularly read their e-mail.
  • The Match shall be challenged and confirmed on the Internet before starting to play.
  • The Match shall be played with handicap, using the difference between the two players.
  • Maximum handicap 36, higher handicap can participate but using handicap 36.
  • The winner is the best player over 18 holes or until one player is more holes up than holes remaining to play. If, after 18 holes the players are even the game continues until one of the players wins a hole.
  • The winner earns 3 points and the loser earns 1 point.
  • Only one match per player per day is allowed.
  • The result must be registered on GolfMatchPlay within 2 weeks.
  • Only two games against the same player each year *(exception is pairings in ladders).

Match Play Rules

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