Terms of Service

  • Each Member can open and use one account on GolfMatchPlay (later GMP) system in lifetime. All other accounts must be reported to the GMP Team and deactivated. For the assistance please contact golf@golfmatchplay.com.
  • There is no fee for creating account in GMP system.
  • Each Member is advised to update his/her details in the account constantly, such as handicap, golf club, location etc.
  • Each Member shall keep his/her login data safe from access and take care of the privacy and use. In case Member’s account has been abused, the Member takes the responsibility to report it to the GMP Team to proceed account deactivation.
  • Each Member has the access to his/her Dashboard, where he/she can find All Matches, Invitations, Updated leaderboard and more.
  • In case the Golfer was challenged for the match and could not fulfill it, the game appears under My Match Plays -> Past.
  • To change the details of the match, please find the one among All matches, click “View” and then “Change”. Your Opponent shall receive notification that the details of the match have been changed.
  • There is an option “Send Message” to keep contact between golfers. The messages are delivered to the Member’s email, from where he/she can directly reply.
  • Each Member has information of Win Ratio on his/her account during the current year, and for the All-time.
  • Golfer is allowed to challenge another golfer for the match one time per year. If the Member tried to challenge same Golfer again earlier than a year after the last match, the system will send the error message and will not allow to schedule the match.
  • The Golfer is allowed to challenge unlimited matches per year.
  • In order to register the scores after the match game, the Looser has to confirm the winner online, the Winner shall register scores online by paying $11 fee online. To pay $11 fee Golfer shall go to the match he/she played, and click “Pay now”.
  • After the Golfer made the payment of $11 to register scores, he/she receives 3 points to his/her account. Looser of the match receives 1 point to his account (without charges).
  • One golfer is allowed to register one match per day in order to be considered in the Main Leaderboard. In case the User registers two or more matches, played at the same or simular time - the latest match(es) shall be dismissed. The refund policy is not applied in this situation, means the golfer will not receive the refund, unless the registration has been made by mistake. In case of mistake, golfer shall send an email to golf@golfmatchplsy.com not later then 24 hour after the mistaken payment. 
  • After playing the match, members have 14 days to register their scores by paying $11 fee online. In case the payment has not been done during this period, the match is considered as expired. In case the payment went through later then 14 days after the scheduled match - the points, generated from this match, will not be considered in the Main Leaderboard.
  • In order to take part in the Main Yearly Leaderboard Member shall play golf matches and register scores. By gaining more points on the account Golfer climbs up by the main leaderboard and reaches the TOP 48 sponsored golfers for the Main Championship in Dubai.
  • Golfers are allowed to register unlimited scores in case they can always confirm the tee-time booking from the golf course. The GMP management has the right to request the confirmation of the tee-time with the Opponent.
  • The Golfer can receive one sponsorship per time. Means, if the Golfer has been eligible for $500 sponsorship for Dubai and then later in 2 weeks he reached sponsorship of $1000, then the sponsorships are not summing up, but the Golfer is eligible for the highest one gained (according to current example, to $1000)
  • Main Leaderboard closes the 30th of November each year, to determine final list of sponsored Members and prepare them for the Annual GMP Championship in Dubai.
  • Each golf Member can take part in the Main Championship in Dubai in case he/she is in the Main Leaderboard (no matter how many points he/she gained).
  • Each golf Member can apply for the Golf Events, in case they are committing for the participation terms of the event.
  • Each Golfer, who takes part in our Golf Events is agreeing for the video&photo we gather during the event and publishing on the webpage.
  • Each Golfer can open Private League and invite others to participate.
  • Each Private League participant is required to log-in to the account and confirm the winner after each round.
  • During Private Leagues the Golfers are paired randomly for each Round. This is the only situation, when Golfer can be challenged for the match with the same Golfer more than once per year.
  • The Golfer is not obligated but advised to register scores online after each round of Private League.
  • Private League admin keeps the right approve or set the Golfer into the waiting list for his League without explanations, since the leagues are private and admins receive the right to select the players for their game.
  • In case Golfer is not able to take part in event, organized by GMP, he/she shall inform the GMP team in advance for them to be able to find the replacement.
  • GMP Team has the right to deactivate Golfer’s account due to abuse or insulting behavior. Any abuse of the GMP system leads to certain penalty, depending on the volume of the case. GMP keeps the right to request confirmations of the matches, score cards or any other related proofs in case the abuse appeared. During the abuse investigation the golfer is restricted from using GMP until the case is resolved.
  • GMP Team leaves the right to question handicap of the Golfers prior the event.
  • Complaints During a GMP Tournaments:

    Rule Addition: In the event a player has a complaint about another player during a tournament, the complaint must be addressed on the same day and within tournament hours. This ensures timely resolution and maintains the integrity of the tournament. To file a complaint, the player must submit a detailed report of the incident to [email: golf@golfmatchplay.com], which will be reviewed by the GMP Team promptly.

    Complaints on Registered Match Results:

    Rule Addition: If a member wishes to file a complaint regarding the results of a registered match on golfmatchplay.com, a 20-days window is available from the date of the match to do so. Complaints submitted after this period will not be considered. To lodge a complaint, the member must provide a detailed explanation of the issue along with any supporting evidence to [email: golf@golfmatchplay.com]. The GMP Team will review the complaint and take appropriate action.



Sponsorship and a Wild Card to Dubai are $1000 - $400 contributions provided by GolfMatchPlay in order to cover  travel & accommodation expenses with regards to the upcoming IX GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2024 that will be held from January 15th till January 20th 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Please, mind that the amount depends on the position you get in a GolfMatchPlay Main Leaderbord 2023 or MatchPlay Ladder 2023.

All members are strongly advised to play their matches until 30th of November 2023; No matches are allowed to be registered for Dubai qualification after the deadline.

Any matches, played and registered after the deadlines will not be considered in the Main Leaderboard 2023 and will not be eligible for receiving GolfMatchPlay Sponsorships.

The Sponsorship/Wild Card should not be considered as a monetary reward, but seen as an appreciation prize and contribution in order to cover travel & accommodation expenses with regards to the upcoming Dubai Event.

One golfer/individual can collect one Sponsorship or Wild Card per year. The Wild Card and Main Leaderboard Sponsorships can not be summed up.

If a Golfer is among TOP 18 in the Main Leaderboard of the year and is eligible to get a highest contribution, then between two Sponsorships he/she will be rewarded with the higher one.

For example: A Golfer received a Wild Card to Dubai with $500 Sponsorship during an event in Sweden, but by the end of qualification for the Championship 2024, he/ she is in Top 4 Golfers among Leaderboard Members that are meant to get $1000 Sponsorship for Dubai Championship as per the Leaderboard Sponsorship rules, therefore this Golfer will receive the highest contribution between the two, namely $1000.

Golfers that received GolfMatchPlay Sponsorship/Wild Cards to Dubai Championship 2024, are invited to take part at the IX GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2024 with covered green-fees and $1000 - $400 contibutionations for their travel / accommodation expenses with regards to Tournaments participation.

Golfer shall commit staying full period of the Tournament and play until his/her final round. Golfers that left earlier or did not appear for their game shall not be sponsored, therefore their Sponsorship/Wild Card would be terminated.

The Winner of the Sponsorship/Wild Card shall provide GolfMatchPlay with his/her relevant bank account details for international transactions until 15th of December 2023.

Compensation for the travel & accommodation expenses shall be transferred after the Tournament within the next 15 working days.

In case a Golfer requires compensation before the Tournament, he/she shall provide GolfMatchPlay with confirmation of their booking and the payment that was made, forwarding those details to golf@golfmatchplay.com.  In this case, GolfMatchPlay requires additional agreement for the refund of compensation if the Golfer did not appear for the Event or left the Championship earlier. The refund of compensation shall be proceeded to the bank account of:

COMPANY CR NO. 2122059

In case a Golfer would like to receive compensation after the Tournament in other appreciation form - such as golf equipment, technic, vacation or shopping vouchers – please, kindly inform the GMP Team before 15th December 2023.

Notice for all changes or cancellations for participation in the event is required in the written form to the GMP Team via email golf@golfmatchplay.com.