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VII GMP World Amateur Championship in Dubai 2022

10-15 January, in Montgomerie Golf Course, Dubai, UAE


Play when you want, against whom you want, where you want!

Build Network!

Create your own Personal Golf Network

Travel and Play!

Get welcomed by Golfers Internationally.

Play and Sell!

Invite your customer for a Match of Golf.

Competition, Excitement, Championship!

Get great experiences and memories.

This is how it works

  1. Register for free Membership
  2. Search for Golf Players to challenge for a Match of Golf
  3. If no interesting Golf Players are available ask your Golf Friends to register
  4. Challenge Golf Player for a Match in chosen Golf Club at a certain Time
  5. If accepted, meet at Golf Club at chosen Time and Play the Match
  6. Register the Result in
  7. The Winner pays $10 in Registration fee, the Loser confirms and pays coffee or beer
  8. The $10 will contribute and pay for Green Fees in Championship in January 2022
  9. Winner gets 3 points and Loser gets 1 point and both climb on the Leader Board
  10. When reaching certain points our Sponsors will give out Sponsor Gifts
  11. Sponsor Gifts are from golf balls to Championship in Dubai